Christian Shaw. Director of education and expedition planner.

DSC_2802Christian has an insatiable thirst for adventure that is constantly pushing Plastics Tides towards new remote and exotic places. Whether it’s paddling first SUP descents in Chamonix or lugging his inflatable SUP through the jungles of Hawaii to sample for microplastics in a remote valley stream, he’s happiest when immersed in nature and testing his limits. As an innate teacher and certified instructor you can also often find him sharing his skill and passion.  An explorer in his own backyard he led the perilous Nov 2014 Microbead Sampling Expedition.  Paddling from his hometown Ithaca, NY on the Erie Canal towards Albany before hitting impassable ice 10 days in.  Having earned his RYA Yachtmaster captains license in the Fall is 2016 he is looking forward to planning more Plastic Tides adventures on the high seas and continuing to settle into life in Santa Cruz where he and Celine moved in October 2017. Christian’s lifelong goal is to combine passion for watersports and adventure with environmental awareness in pursuit of a sustainable future.  Plastic Tides is the current manifestation of this goal. 

Foil SUPing with Zane Schweitzer, first SUP descents , river surfing , kitesurfing , kiteboarding

Gordon Middleton. Chief videographer and creative director.

DSC_2798.jpgGordon is a cereal entrepreneur, videographer, designer, and part-time sea creature. He grew up in North Carolina with a desire to explore the world around him – especially wherever there was water. The ocean and rivers became his preferred playgrounds and it is this passion for water that birthed his passion for the environment. After attending Cornell University for film and psychology, he wanted his work to protect what he loved. Plastic Tides grew organically from this singular desire and is now the mission that allows his love for the environment to grow everyday. From pushing his limits on Plastic Tides expeditions to hosting the longest ocean SUP race in the world to fostering the next generation of water protectors through our kids programs, he is excited to continue to affect change worldwide and keep the adventure alive. Find Gordon on Instagram @gmidds and check out his Canal documentary.

Videos: 24 hour night paddle around the entire island of Bermuda, kids’ mini expedition skateboarding fast!

Céline Jennison. Plant scientist and sustainable food systems specialist.

IMG_2105Céline is an all-around water-woman, trained as a windsurfing instructor at the prestigious  Glénans sailing school in France.  Cured from an immune deficiency through herbalism at the age of ten, Céline was mesmerized by the power of plants early on. Determined to uncover the best way to feed the world sustainably, alongside her degrees at Cornell and Oxford Universities, Céline volunteered on countless farms to better understand how to harness the power of nature through biomimicry. She developed a passion for perennial crops and agroforestry systems due to their ability to provide food and an array of other ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration— of paramount importance to remain within our ‘planetary boundaries’.    Digging deeper into food issues, Céline soon became aware of the issue of plastic pollution and waste in general. This lead her to utilizing her food systems knowledge to address plastic pollution via Plastic Tides. She’s the one planting fruit trees at events, foraging wild herbs and food during expeditions and educating people about permaculture. Find Céline on instagram @ZeroWasteVoyage and check out her website The Zero Waste Voyage.

Videos: Topless for the oceans Recycling facility visit in Indonesia, Starboard Trash picker demo .

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