The Science

Plastic Tides strives to participate in citizen science and deliver accurate, science-backed information to the public.

To date, Plastic Tides was the first to prove the existence of microbeads in inland waterways which contributed to banning microbeads from cosmetic products in the United States with the collaboration of over 70 organizations worldwide (check out The Canal adventure documentary).  Plastic Tides, with the help of the Plastic Ocean Project,  also designed the first ever SUP trawl to collect microplastic samples.

During all of our expeditions, Plastic Tides also collaborated with Adventure Scientists on a 3-year microplastics sampling program around the world. Check out this map to see where where we have sampled! (you’ll also find out why we should care about microplastics)

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DOWNLOAD: Plastic Pollution in the Press _A Plastic Tides Compilation