Santa Cruz to Monterey Expedition

Plastic Tides says NO to new offshore drilling.

Expeditions are our speciality, and we use them as a platform to instigate change. So we’re headed down the coast of Northern California to raise awareness about an issue and provide people with tangible solutions.

Offshore drilling contributes to the single-use plastic economy we’re drowning in. That’s why organisations like Surfrider and companies like Patagonia are also combating this issue. Please sign their petition here.

Plastic Tides Santa Cruz Expedition

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We’ve partnering with Prof. John Delacruz and his students from San Jose State University to create a 4 part mini-documentary series for this expedition.

This expedition is a SUP from Santa Cruz to Monterey unsupported (to our knowledge this would be a first). This paddle will be used as a focal point for awareness. As with everything we do we’ll be promoting the pursuit of a plastic free lifestyle, but also would like to direct attention towards the recent developments with offshore drilling and how at the end of the day more oil = more plastic. It’s a guarantee that one or the other will end up on our beaches. It is also important to align with other organizations such as Surfrider who are focused on this in order to amplify the exposure and impact. We are members of the local Surfrider and have been attending meetings. We’ll also be joining other local clubs such as the boardriders club and generally looking to involve other relevant local non- profits in some way, even if just as listed supporters it’s important to show unity and collaboration.

Although we are more aware than ever before about plastic pollution we tend to ignore the fact that plastics are a product of the oil industry. Drawing a parallel or link to oil production and the immediate threat of offshore oil drilling is paramount if we are to grow our support and create a movement from the ground up.