Other ways to get involved

Can’t commit to becoming an ambassador or business partner but still want to get involved?


There are other ways get involved:

Are you looking to organize your own adventure? Then a Plastic Tides branded expedition might be of interest ! Contact us (info@plastictides.org) for more info.

Artists, Musicians, Teachers, Photographers, Tinkerers, Scientists… we welcome your expertise ! Maybe you want to put your master-piece up for auction? Or perhaps write a song about zero waste solutions to our disposable economy problems? If you’re a scientist, maybe we can work together on a citizen science project! The possibilities are limitless…

Here’s an example of artist Marisa Pahl that put her painting up for auction !

plastic tides new website banner photos

 Infographic contributions

We’re actively seeking someone with good drawing and/or graphic design skills to create infographics about plastic pollution and solutions for or social media platforms. Plastic Tides has a large following on Instagram and we’d be sure to shine light on the artist!

Videography and Photography opportunities in Santa Cruz

Plastic Tides is looking for someone locally in Santa Cruz to help film our zero waste lifestyle, upcoming expeditions and events!

Media Relations

Do you work closely with the press? Are you seeking to shine light on a non-profit that’s advocating for holistic solutions to our environmental problems? Then consider helping Plastic Tides!

Blog contributions!

We’re looking for blog contributions! Are you a zero-waste living guru? Are you an athlete that’s found a way to live sustainably even while on the go? Are you a farmer who picks veggies right from your back yard? Are you a surf instructor eager to teach the next generation of ocean advocates? Have you seen severe plastic pollution first hand even in the most remote place on this planet? TELL US YOUR STORY!

500 to 1500 words and 1 photo minimum

All submissions: info@plastictides.org