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Erie Canal Charter Trip

Summer & September 2018, Upstate NY, USA

2 days & 2 nights mini-Expedition

Join Plastic Tides for a weekend on the Erie Canal near Little Falls, NY. Enjoy the comforts of a classic bed & breakfast before a day on the river followed by a night sharing stories around the campfire.  We’ll share our local historical and ecological knowledge as well as tips for zero waste living and adventuring. Highlights include paddling through Lock 17 with a drop of 40 feet, cliff jumping, fishing, climbing, and an adventure clean-up around the stunning rock formations of Moss Island.

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Join the Plastic Tides team for a fun and enlightening adventure on the Erie Canal through Little Falls, NY. Paddle serenely through the remote Mohawk River Valley, where eagles soar overhead, and lend a hand to restore the natural beauty as you participate in a clean-up of the geologically stunning Moss Island.

Guests are invited to meet us on Friday evening in the town of Little Falls in Upstate, NY. The best way to get there is to drive. It’s just off the NY State Thruway only a few hours drive from NYC.

You will spend your first night at the historic DH Burrell Overlook Mansion, enjoying the quaint post-industrial riverside town at your leisure. The day will begin with a gourmet breakfast at the Mansion before a shuttle to the put-in. When you arrive at the launch just upstream of Lock 18 your board and gear will be ready. We’ll set off through the first lock immediately to make for an exciting start.

Over the next five miles of meandering river you can take the time to spread out and find your peace, or enjoy a long conversation with a friend. Keep the noise down and you might even see an eagle in its perch. For the fisherman or woman out there we can get you rigged up for some trolling through this section— at Plastic Tides we trawl for microplastics.

As we approach the historic town you’ll gain a new perspective, and perhaps imagine it in its former glory as a thriving port town on the glorious Erie Canal. At the end of town we’ll meet Lock 17, with a 40’ drop that we ride down on our boards, the experience can’t be described.

IMG_0119 (1)Once free from the lock we’ll paddle around the corner to a secret spot for a fun night of camping and camaraderie around the bonfire on the beach.

On Sunday we’ll do our part and clean-up Moss Island, the piece of land between the canal and the river that is home to amazing geological features and also a lot of local parties or so it appears. Don’t worry there will be plenty of time for swimming, cliff jumping, climbing, and exploring.

Once we’re back on the river it’s a short paddle down to the Herkimer Home historic site where the trip ends and we pack up the gear by late afternoon.

The trip includes lodging at the Overlook Mansion, board and paddle usage, and dry bags for gear as well as communal camping gear such as cookware, cooler, etc.  The large personal gear you will need includes a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag.  These items should be of backcountry size and quality. If you don’t have these items you can ask a friend or rent through your standard outdoor store such as EMS or REI, or an online platform like Stokeshare. The lodging is a queen bed. See below for couples or shared occupancy pricing.

This trip is run in partnership with Paddle-N-More.  Your guide is a certified ACA SUP Instructor and Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid practitioner.

Standard Cost:   $500 – Individual   +$400 – Couple/Shared Night 1 Room

If you have your own board and paddle: subtract $100 from the options above

Contact us: for reservations

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