Become a partner or sponsor

Our partners and sponsors enable Plastic Tides to function!  As a partner, you help fund large projects such as the Devil’s Isle Challenge, our SUPr Kids programs and help Plastic Tides fight plastic pollution via our day-to-day operations.


Sponsors get tagged by us on social media and appear in our photoshoots wherever we might be— often on the water!

Check out our list of sponsors below for current sponsors. To apply to become a sponsor, e-mail with the subject ‘sponsor’ and explain to us what you’d like to sponsor us with, and why.

As a sponsor you donate gear or products that we use for expeditions, for events and in every day life!


Partners help Plastic Tides financially by supporting programs and day-to-day operations. We feature partners on our website and on event banners such as for the Devil’s Isle Challenge and our Paddle Against Pollution.

Check out our list of Partners below for current partners. To apply to become a partner, e-mail with the subject ‘partner’.