5 things you can do NOW!


Don’t buy bottled water.   Join the #RefillRevolution

 Get yourself a refillable, reusable water bottle and fill it up! Boycotting bottled water has so many more levels than just reducing your use of plastic pollution. Bottled water companies are selling us on our own tap water at 100 times the price, are draining our aquifers for water they do not own, are poisoning us through unknown chemical leaching, and the list goes on. Bottled water is not your friend.

Bring your own reusable bag to the store. #ChooseToReuse 

  REFUSE plastic bags when you’re out shopping and the ocean will thank you! Plastic bags are enemy #1 for our marine life. Turtles mistake them for jellyfish. Fish get wrapped up inside them. They clog our drainage systems causing massive flooding and pollution. They tangle themselves in our trees. They fill the stomachs of pelagic birds. Bring your own and tell a different story. In the United States, a single reusable grocery bag can save 312 plastic bags from the landfill per person per year*. That means that the United States currently uses 100 billion plastic bags per year, amounting to 12 million barrels of oil used in production of these bags. Need we say more? This is insane.

Skip the straw.   #StrawsSuck #StopSucking

“No straw, please!” That’s all it takes. Let’s face it, we haven’t used sippy-cups since our diaper days. Why do we need a plastic straw? Straws are one of the worst offenders of single-use. Often we get a straw in our drink and immediately pull it out. And don’t even get us started on those silly tiny black straws that are meant for stirring or for putting in your cocktail as a garnish (really?) – USELESS! Stop Sucking. Let’s enjoy our drink straight from the glass.

Dispose of your butts appropriately! #DontBeaBUTThead

Did you know that cigarette filters are made of plastic? Yea, seriously. While we think the best solution is to just not smoke (the stuff kills you), if you’re going to— then please don’t be a butthead! Throwing a filter on the ground is the same as littering. This stuff is trash and worldwide, there’s 7 billion butts of litter produced every year*. When we do a cleanup, cigarette butts usually outnumber all other pieces of trash.  Thats a lot of butts! Clean it up people!

Eat local.   #GardensAreGood #FarmToTable

It’s simple, buy local or get your veggies from your own garden and you’re guaranteed to produce less plastic waste. Think about it. What do you put your veggies in at the grocery store? How about that “fresh basil” that’s in a plastic container? Your local butcher will give you a great cut of meat and wrap it in wax paper. Your garden will give you as much as you put into it. Supporting local farms and food does more good than just reducing your plastic use. Local food travels less miles to your table, reducing your carbon footprint altogether. Knowing who is behind your food means a lot, not just for the planet but for your own health. Be proud to be a Local’s Only Foodie! And if you can’t afford a house with a garden or farmer’s market produce then you can garden at your community farm or work-trade at a local CSA.



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