Erie Canal Charter Trip

Upstate NY,   by Céline Jennison

In 2014 Christian and Gordon completed The Canal expedition —

Two men. Two SUPs. Ten days. 240 miles. The Plastic Tides team launched on November 9th from Ithaca, NY with hopes to reach Albany via the Erie Canal. Just days into the expedition a winter storm warning became the infamous “Polar Vortex” that dumped punishing lake-effect snow on the Buffalo area and sent temperatures below freezing in all 50 states. The team battled freezing rain, brutal temperatures, and heavy snow on their journey through the heart of Central New York.

In reminiscence of this expedition, Plastic Tides has launched the Canal Charter Trips — a more laid back version of the expedition that takes place in the summer months! This 2 day, 2 night trip is the perfect getaway for New Yorkers eager to leave the hot busy city for the week-end.

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Below, a few shots from our 2017 charter trip

We start mid-morning, once our gear and food is safely placed in air-tight bags


Because we’re on a canal, there are locks to go through! Waiting for the lock master to bring the water level down as you descend like in an elevator, but on your SUP — is one of the most exhilarating parts!


Late afternoon, the team stops at moss island, a tiny little island on the Erie Canal with beautiful rock formations.


We’re ready to set up camp



See those two people? That’s where you could put up your tent !


The second day of the expedition we do an island-wide clean-up using our Adventure Scientists reusable bags.


Christian attaches his SUP to the cliff so he can go for a climb

IMG_0119 (1)

At the end of the trip we brought the cans and bottles wed found to the supermarket to claim some $$ for the returnables (watch the video). Who knew you could earn $8.11 doing a beach clean-up?!

Join us in 2018?!

You can find more info about the charter trip here

— The Plastic Tides Team

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